About Us

How it all started?

It started way back in 2014 when a bunch of friends who were living in each other closet day and night. Although they were in love with their own collections, but liking what the other person wears is normal human behavior. A new dress with a new day gave them an endlessly evolving wardrobe. Interestingly they were not spending on clothes. One fine day, when they exhausted each other clothes, Recode was born!

Across all ages and all genders people are rarely satisfied with their wardrobes. However big and loaded their closets are, the struggle of 'I have nothing to wear' is something we all go through. Many times you don't have the perfect outfit for an occasion! There could be 2 solutions – You keep buying more clothes and accessories. Or do the smart way.

Recode is a social market place that will let upgrade your style quotient with the best of clothing at affordable prices with the help of smart functioning. We want you to look your best in the smartest possible way.

Our Moon Mission

To craft a medium between you and your style mate where you let go what you once loved and make space for your new love.

Our Simple Vision

To see a change in the way women have been shopping. Get ready to be obsessed for Recode.

Selling Process

How does it work?


Once you give your products to Recode, you can sit back, relax and let us do the messy things. We know you are super busy. That's why we work every day!

Make your wardrobe and wallet happy. We currently accept outfits that are in fashion. These can be dresses, tops, tunics, shirts, skirts, shorts, trousers, jeans & kurtas for women, free of stains, holes, cuts, tears, fabric or color damage.

Why people love Recode?

  • Recode has the most diverse collection of brands, designer wear and apparel styles
  • Gives you a chance to wear a new outfit everyday
  • Gives you a guilt free shopping experience
  • Follow the shared wardrobes of those whose dressing you've loved
  • Gives you a license to experiment the looks that you always wanted to try but weren't too sure about

Ever got inquisitive about a live-in relationship? Come & fall in love with one of our collection with a clause of 'No strings attached'. See us to believe us; second hand stuff has never looked so sexy before.

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